Creado con Sparkle | the website of Ariel E. Meilij


Business Management Ph.D. Candidate

Universidad Benito Juarez G.


MBA, Major in Finance

ULACIT Panama 


Strategic Management Postgraduate

ULACIT Panama 


Marketing Graduate, Major Sales

ULACIT Panama 


Data Science Certification Candidate

Johns Hopkins University

Welcome to my website! I’m a Ph.D. candidate in Universidad Benito Juarez G. My doctorate investigation revolves around Data Science and Machine Learning for developing forex predictive models. My active projects on Business Analytics, Machine Learning and Statistics can be found here. Enjoy!

GitHub repository for working projects and Ph.D. thesis here.

Rpubs publication directory on data science & statistics (and lots of R tutorials) here

Doctorate thesis GitHub page abstract and documentation notes here

All contents released under Creative Commons license.